The Grand Prix series competition, in which top domestic athletes in track and field participate, was held in Niigata City, and in the women's javelin throw, Haruka Kitaguchi, who won the bronze medal at this year's world championship, threw 62 meters and 57 centimeters and won the championship.

At the Grand Prix series tournament held in Niigata City until the 2nd, in which the top domestic track and field athletes participate, the women's javelin throw will be the first medal for a Japanese athlete in the women's throwing event at the World Championships in July this year. Kitaguchi, who won the bronze medal, participated.

Kitaguchi threw over 62 meters from the first throw in difficult conditions with a crosswind, and marked 62 meters and 57 centimeters on the third throw, the best of the day.

As a result, Kitaguchi won the race with a gap of nearly 5 meters from the second place, demonstrating the power of a bronze medalist at the World Championships.

Also, in the women's 200m, Mei Kodama won the championship with a time of 23.26 seconds, despite the tailwind reference record.

On the other hand, in the men's long jump, Yuki Hashioka, a representative of the Tokyo Olympics, was the only person to jump over 8 meters and win the championship with 8 meters and 5 centimeters.

Kitaguchi ``I got more records than I thought''

Shinka Kitaguchi, who won the women's javelin throw, said, "The record was better than I expected, so I thought I could improve it a little more, but after the fourth time, I started to get tired. I still can't fill the stadium, but I would like to do my best so that more customers can visit the venue."

Women's 200 meters winner Mei Kodama "Time is a little disappointing"

Mei Kodama, who won the women's 200m, said, "I was conscious of attacking in the first half of the 100m and going into the corners, but I stumbled right after the start.The tailwind was strong, so I wonder if I can get a better time. It's a little disappointing because I thought that. There are still two tournaments until the end of the season, so I want to finish with a good record."