It seems that Manchester City is going through a golden period inside and outside the green rectangle, after the results achieved in the English Premier League and the Champions League.

After the 6-3 victory of the City against Manchester United in the city derby, it topped the list of the most expensive teams in the world, according to what was announced by the Transfermarkt website, which specializes in evaluating players and teams with the highest market value in the world.

The English Premier League teams dominated the list of the top ten teams, while it included two teams from Spain and a team from Germany and France.

The market value of the first 10 teams in the world amounted to about 9 billion euros, which are:

  • Manchester City:

    one billion and 100 million euros.

  • Liverpool:

    925 million euros.

  • Paris Saint-Germain:

    890 million euros.

  • Bayern Munich:

    879 million euros.

  • Chelsea:

    862 million euros.

  • Real Madrid:

    838 million euros.

  • Barcelona:

    814 million euros.

  • Manchester United:

    798 million euros.

  • Tottenham:

    685 million euros.

  • Arsenal:

    666 million euros.