The polling stations in Brazil have not yet opened and Bolsonaro has already lost one vote.

At least one that he believed to be fixed, that of



After showing him his support on social networks, it turns out that the Brazilian player cannot vote for him.

In order to do so, according to the Brazilian electoral system, the PSG striker had to have transferred the so-called 'elector's title' to Paris.

But the truth is that since the player moved to Europe he never did, and according to the

Superior Electoral Court,

the voting center that he has been assigned continues to be where he has had it all his life, in Santos, in the state from São Paulo.

The only way for Neymar to seal his support for the far-right would be, once his French

league game

against Nice is over this Saturday, go to the airport, fly twelve hours to Sao Paulo, arrive just for the opening of the polling stations , and be back on Wednesday in Lisbon to face Benfica in the Champions League, something that probably doesn't go through the player's mind.

And he is not the only one who will not vote.

According to the Brazilian website


, 80% of Brazilian internationals

will not do so, either because they have not transferred their 'elector's certificates' either, or because they have expired, having gone to the polls for at least three elections.

What differentiates the Brazilian star from the rest of the internationals is that no one else has been wet for a candidate, except for Tottenham striker

Lucas Moura

, also for the far-right.

Neymar received so much criticism that he ended up tweeting: "They talk about democracy and many things, but when someone has a different opinion, they are attacked...".

Neymar and Jair Bolsonaro in a concentration of the Brazilian team.

A few weeks ago, Jair Bolsonaro visited the headquarters of the Neymar Institute, an institution that assists children and families in Sao Paulo with economic difficulties.

The soccer player thanked the visit but asked for the vote for the president.

He did so a few hours later, posting a video on


, in which he danced and sang: "Vote, vote and confirm. 22 is Bolsonaro."

The number with which the Brazilian president participates as a candidate.

The leader of the Liberal Party spread it on his

Twitter account

, aware of the boost it meant for his campaign, and it already has

13.3 million views

and 1.8 million likes.

Although the reasons to support Bolsonaro go far beyond that visit.

Three years ago, when the player was

accused of rape

, the president came out publicly in his defense, on the eve of a national team friendly against Qatar: "I hope to give Neymar a hug before the game. The boy is in a difficult moment, but I believe in him. Neymar, tonight, we are together".

Although other stars of the Brazilian team had already shown their support for Bolsonaro, such as

Ronaldinho, Rivaldo or Romario

, the current internationals do not want to know anything about politics, and not only by not going to the polls.

Although no one more outside of politics than Tite.

The World Cup has not yet started and the Brazilian coach has already said that if they win their sixth title they will not go to Brasilia to take it to the president, whoever he may be, unlike what was done when they won the previous five.

There is a photo of Tite with

Lula da Silva

, when the former was at Corinthians.

Then Bolsonaro accused him of being a "communist", which is why now the national coach prefers to keep his distance.

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