“Of course, such a successful meeting will give him confidence.

I know from my own experience that when you score, wings grow behind your back.

Moreover, Denis does not play in the last European Championship.

He is great.

I can only congratulate him.

Recently, many have been skeptical about him because of the huge number of injuries.

He missed too much time.

God forbid that Italy does without them and Cheryshev finally got into good shape, ”Kolyvanov said in an interview with RT.

He also shared his opinion that the Russian is able to prove himself in Serie A.

“There is no doubt: this is a very high-quality technical performer with a great blow.

I repeat: the main thing is that his health does not fail him again, ”Kolyvanov added.

Earlier, coach Dmitry Cheryshev commented on the first goals of his son Denis Cheryshev for Venice in the match against Cagliari.