Professional baseball player Yakult No. 4 Munetaka Murakami has three games remaining in the regular season, aiming for the 56th home run to break the record for most Japanese players in a season. doing.

We will update and tell you from time to time, focusing on Murakami's turn at bat.

No home runs in the longest 12 games this season

Murakami hit the 55th home run on the 13th of this month, and is lined up with Sadaharu Oh, the giant of 1964, for the highest number of Japanese players in the season.

However, after this, he fell into a slump in batting, and there were many scenes where he could avoid the game, and he was unable to hit a home run in 53 at-bats in 12 games, which is the longest period for him this season.

With 3 games left in the regular season, the team will face 5th place Hiroshima at Mazda Stadium on the night of the 30th.

During practice before the game, Murakami hit the ball with his usual power.

Murakami and Hiroshima's starting pitcher, Aren Kuri, have a record of 3 hits in 10 at bats this season, 2 of which are home runs.

It will be interesting to see if Murakami can hit No. 56 home run and break the record against the Hiroshima pitchers who have no choice but to win the remaining two games including the 30th in order to advance to the climax series.