Seiya Suzuki of the Cubs, who used his father's maternity leave system in the major leagues to attend the birth of his wife in Japan, returned to the game against the Phillies for the first time in about two weeks on the 29th and hit two hits to complete the team. I scored and contributed to the victory.

Suzuki took advantage of the major league maternity leave system called "paternity list" to attend the birth of his wife in Japan and joined the team on the 27th. I started in the right field.

Suzuki, who will be participating since September 16th, suddenly hit a hit in the first at bat of the first inning and hit right in front of the right, and in the third at bat of the fifth inning, the fielder failed to get a big hit to the center. He deflected back and hit three bases, all of which were followed by homers in a timely manner.

Other at-bats were strikeouts and four-balls, and in the return game, he was active with 2 hits and 2 goals in 3 at bats, and his batting average was 20%, 6 minutes, and 7 minutes.

For the Cubs, Suzuki scored all the points and won 2-0, making it a 4-game winning streak.

In addition, the Blue Jays, which Yusei Kikuchi belongs to, did not have a game, but the Orioles, who were competing for the wild card, lost, so the Blue Jays advanced to the playoffs for the first time in two years.