Nilla Fischer, 38, has chosen not to be selected for the international matches that have been played this year.

For SVT Sport, she explains why she now made the decision to quit the national team for good.

- It is a whole.

It has to do with a life puzzle.

There are other things that I prioritize more.

Among other things, it is the family and being able to last the season, she says and continues:

- Even though I haven't had the strain from the national team, my body is telling me off.

It feels good that it's not an injury or something that says stop.

"Knows how important family is"

Peter Gerhardsson thinks it is good that Fischer is open about the family being a factor in her quitting.

- I know how important family is and daring to bring up those things as an argument for not playing is strong.

These are important signals to send to everything and everyone, he says.

He also pays tribute to Fischer's leadership over the years.

- She is one of the reasons why we have so many good leaders in this team.

It is many of the older players who have created a good culture in the national team.

I don't have to do much.

Nilla is a responsible player and person.

She makes sure that people feel good, says the union captain.

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Photo: Bildbyrån