Yoshihide Kiryu, a men's 100-meter athlete who had revealed his intention to rest after the Japanese Championships in June, announced that he would resume his activities, saying, "I want to break the Japanese record of 9 seconds 95 while enjoying track and field." I talked about

Kiryu, who became the first Japanese athlete to mark 9 seconds in the men's 100 meters, revealed his intention to rest without participating in this season's tournament after finishing 6th at the Japan Championships held in June. I was doing it.

On the 29th, Kiryu said on his channel on the video distribution site that he would not participate in this season's competition, and said, "I want to be active and do track and field classes and race classes." expressed.

Regarding the reason why he decided to take a rest, he said, "There was pressure in the 9-second range. Even if I won in the 10-second range, I could still hear the sighs, and I continued to compete while deceiving my feelings. I was no longer able to enjoy track and field. ”He said about his feelings at the time.

In his second year of college, he was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis, which is designated as an intractable disease by the government, and he revealed that he thought about retiring.

Looking ahead to the next season after resting, he said, "I haven't decided which competition I'm aiming for next year, but I want to break Ryota Yamagata's Japanese record of 9.95 seconds while enjoying track and field." rice field.