A ranking organization meeting was held for the Grand Sumo Tournament in Kyushu, and it was decided that Rouma and Hiroshi Tsushima, who had good results in the makushita of the autumn tournament, would be newly promoted to Juryo.

The Japan Sumo Association held a ranking organization meeting for the Kyushu tournament to be held in Fukuoka in November, and decided to promote two new members, Futagoyama stable's Rouma and Sakaigawa stable's Tsushima Hiroshi, to jūryō. I was.

▽ Oriya is 23 years old from Russia.

He came to Japan at the age of 15 and entered the Futagoyama stable from Tottori Johoku High School, a sumo powerhouse, and stepped on the first ring at the Kyushu tournament in 2018.

In the first place in 2019, he won the first place, and in the following second stage, he was a high school senior who was ranked lower at the time. Akiba, who was at the top of the makushita in the west, left a record of 4 wins and 3 losses in the four sumo wrestling that he is good at.

He became the first sekitori since his master Futagoyama Oyakata, a former Ozeki Gazan, founded the stable.

▽ Hiroshi Tsushima is 29 years old from Isahaya City, Nagasaki Prefecture


He belonged to the powerful Japanese sumo club, and after graduating from university, he entered the Sakaigawa stable.

After that, he honed his specialty, right four sumo, and the autumn place left a record of 5 wins and 2 losses in the fourth makushita in the east.

In addition, the retirement of Kise stable's former Komusubi Tsuneyuki Ryu was announced.

The Grand Sumo Kyushu Tournament will open on November 13th.

Oriya "Aim to win first"

At the Grand Sumo Tournament Kyushu Tournament held in November

this year, Futagoyama Stable's Ryoma, who was newly promoted to Juryo, attended a press conference and enthusiastically said, "I want to do my best to win first."

After coming to Japan, Oruga, who started sumo wrestling in Mongolia, entered Tottori Johoku High School, a sumo powerhouse, and in 2017,

he became a high school yokozuna.

After graduating, he entered the Futagoyama stable and was promoted to makushita at the Nagoya tournament in the first year of Reiwa.

And he won 4 wins and 3 losses in this month's autumn tournament, which was the first makushita in the west, and was promoted to jūryō.

This is the first sekitori from Russia in about 11 years since Amuro in the first tournament in 2012.

Regarding the promotion to Juryo, Rouma said with a smile, "I'm happy to be selected. I was looking forward to it after the Senshu Raku was over."

About three years after going up to makushita, he was promoted to jūryō, saying, “It took a while.

Also, regarding the autumn tournament, which was promoted to Juryo, "Before the tournament, I had an injury, and my master thought about various things such as hospitals and osteopathic clinics. I didn't want to betray the people who always supported me. Since I came this far, I thought I would make a decision,” he recalled.

As for his future goals, he said, "First, I want to do my best to win the match."

Futagoyama Oyakata, former Ozeki Ozeki Masakata, who was present at the press conference, said, ``Like Ozeki, the most important thing is to feel relieved. It was a tough ring for about two years, but I'm glad I finally made it."

He added, "Because he's muscular, he can easily take pressure from his opponents. I want him to gain a little more weight and build a body that doesn't lose power and aim for the makuuchi."