Anicet Mbida 06:52, September 28, 2022

Anicet Mbida delivers to us every morning what is best in terms of innovation.

This Wednesday, he is interested in a universal remote control that can control all the devices in the house.

This morning you come with good news for those who have dozens of remotes on the coffee table.

New, truly universal models are being prepared for us.

All you need is a single remote control and you can control all the devices in the house.

Isn't that already?

Nope !

What does exist are very complicated machines, with dozens of buttons, one would think of an airplane cockpit.

You must first choose the device you want to control.

Then use the buttons to order it.

Not really practical.

In addition, there are now all the apps to control your lights, the thermostat, the shutters... You can't get out of it.

Now imagine: you pick up your phone.

As soon as you point it at the speakers, two buttons appear: adjust volume/change music.

Do you switch to the thermostat?

The screen changes to “temperature setting”.

We point to the lamp, a color chart is displayed to change the color and adjust the brightness.

Same thing for the TV, the shutters or the DVD.

Keys will appear or disappear automatically depending on the targeted device.

This is what several manufacturers are working on: transforming our phones into contextual remote controls.

That is, which adapt to the targeted device.

How does it know which device we are targeting?

There are two techniques.

The first is to install sensors on the walls to track the orientation and position of the phone.

There is then a learning phase: each device is targeted, one after the other, and its function is indicated (TV, sound system, light, etc.).

Another technique: stick small electronic pads on everything you want to control.

This is the same type of patch as those that you stick on your glasses, your wallet or your keys to easily locate them with your phone.

There, they make it possible to know to whom the telephone is pointed.

But regardless of the technology, it makes for much simpler and easier-to-use remotes.

And is it available?


A first model will soon be available in France.

Unfortunately, it will be quite expensive: 200€ with the sensors.

Other models with stick-on pads are coming early next year.

They should cost a lot less.