China News Service, Beijing, September 26th. The countdown to the 2022 Qatar World Cup has entered 60 days. The "Football Thinker" sports metaverse digital entity art public welfare work was officially released in Beijing recently, aiming to pay tribute to football thinkers through art. Pass the spirit of football through the power of public welfare.

  "Football Thinker" is the first digital art public welfare work launched by "Sports Thinker Series".

This work was initiated and created by China Sports Future, which is dedicated to youth sports and football talent discovery and youth training events, in conjunction with China Gallery, the first Chinese-funded art institution in Europe.

  Zhu Gaowen, founder of China Gallery and creator of the "Sports Thinker Series", elaborated on the story behind the creation.

According to Zhu Gaowen, he spent nearly a year polishing his creations and chose to launch it at the special moment of the nearly 60-day countdown to the Qatar World Cup, hoping to pay tribute to football thinkers and convey football in the most "soft" way of art. Spirit.

"Football Thinker" Sports Metaverse Works Released

  "Football Thinker" combines the founders of football leagues around the world, players, coaches, referees, tactical inventors, journalists and football enthusiasts and many other figures who have made pioneering and breakthrough contributions to football development. The method of physical art, deconstructing, reorganizing and condensing into a complete picture, creating 999 works, in order to pass on the spirit of thinkers and pay tribute to the legend of world football.

  On the same day, two-time Olympic champion Wu Jingyu, Winter Olympic champion Fan Kexin, football legends Gao Feng, Sun Jihai and others witnessed the release of the exhibits. National football coach Mi Lu and football legends Li Weifeng, Shao Jiayi, Zhao Junzhe, Yu Dabao, Zhang Xizhe, etc. Send your blessings through video and pay tribute to football thinkers.

  At the launch site, FC Bayern was invited to share the concept of Bayern's youth training and business philosophy. According to Ma Yongming, Bayern's Asia Sports Director, the football field requires not only superb technology and abundant physical fitness, but also smart Brains, need "football thinkers".

He also introduced the youth training plan of Bayern Taiyuan Football School in detail, and further shared the youth training concept of Bayern Club and the development of Bayern Chinese youth football.

  According to the organizer, the public welfare fund will be set up and invested in the Bayern China Football Youth Training Camp and the special youth training project of the Bayern Taiyuan International Football School, in order to help football coaches and players by imparting the concept of youth training. The growth of China's youth football industry provides support for the development of Chinese youth football.