The Women's Basketball World Cup is in full swing.

Sweden did not manage to qualify there.

But for WC 2026, you have a much better chance.

The championship will contain 16 teams instead of today's twelve.

- We will have 16 teams in the WC next time and Europe will get a few more places.

There is also the possibility of qualifying another way, says Lena Wallin Kantzy, Chairwoman of the Women's Commission FIBA ​​to SVT Sport.

The decision has not been made yet, but Lena Wallin Kanzty is convinced that it will go through.

Then the qualifiers, where national teams from all over the world meet each other, will contain eight teams from Europe instead of four or five as is the case today.

When do you think Sweden will participate in a WC?

- It could well happen in four years.

But it requires quite a lot – more experience, says Wallin Kantzy.

- You just have to work on it, you have to have long-term plans and know what to do on the trip.

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