Five professional baseball games were played on the 27th, and Softbank, the leader of the Pacific League, lost, but Orix, the second place, also lost, so the magic number for winning decreased by one to "3".

Orix 1-6 Rakuten Norimoto pitches the first complete game of the season and wins 10th

▽ Victory Norimoto pitcher 10 wins and 8 losses.

▽ Lose Pitcher Miyagi 11 wins and 8 losses.

Rakuten scored 2 points in the 2nd inning, including Gittens' timely run.

In the 3rd inning, Shimauchi scored 2 points in a timely two-base, and added 1 point each in the 4th and 7th innings.

Pitcher Norimoto pitched a complete game for the first time this season, giving up one run and winning 10 games.

Rakuten beat Orix for the first time in four years.

For Orix, the starting pitcher Miyagi gave up 4 points in the middle of the 3rd inning and suffered his 8th loss.

Seibu 4-1 Softbank Takahashi wins 12th win

▽ Win Takahashi pitcher 12 wins and 8 losses.

▽ Save Pitcher Masuda 2 wins, 5 losses and 31 saves.

▽ Loss Pitcher Ishikawa has 7 wins and 10 losses.

▽ Home run

 Seibu Yamakawa player No. 40.

 Softbank Despaigne player No. 13.

In the first inning, Seibu took the lead with Yamakawa's No. 40 Touran, and in the fifth inning, Aito's two-point timely lead widened the lead.

Starting pitcher Takahashi pitched well in the 7th inning, conceding 1 goal, and scored his 12th win, the most of his career, and the team has won 3 straight games.

Softbank's starting pitcher Ishikawa was confused with 6 four balls, and suffered 10 losses with 4 goals in 5 innings.

Nippon-Ham 14-0 Lotte Kiyomiya has 4 hits and 6 RBI including bases loaded home run

▽ Win Suzuki pitcher 2 wins and 1 loss.

▽ Loss Pitcher Shoma Sato has 2 wins and 6 losses.

▽ Home run

 Nippon-Ham, Kiyomiya player No. 18, Ishii player No. 6.

Nippon-Ham scored two runs in the first inning, and in the second inning, Kiyomiya extended his lead with his first bases-loaded home run.

Kiyomiya played an active part in this game with 4 hits and 6 runs batted in, including two timely hits, and Nippon-Ham scored 14 points, the most this season.

Suzuki, the starting pitcher, has scored no runs in six innings and is the second win.

Lotte did not perform well in pitching and lost four straight games, and the possibility of advancing to the climax series has disappeared.

Yakult 1-4 Hanshin Aoyagi wins league top 13, Hanshin 3rd place

▽ Win Pitcher Aoyagi 13 wins and 4 losses.

▽ Save Pitcher Iwasaki has 1 win, 6 losses and 27 saves.

▽ Loss Pitcher Takanashi has 7 wins and 9 losses.

▽ Home run

 Hanshin Nakano player No. 5.

 Yakult Miyamoto player No. 1.

In the 1st inning, Hanshin took the lead with Nakano's 5th hitter home run, Takadera's sacrifice fly in the 4th inning, and Oyama and Haraguchi in the 5th inning to widen their lead.

Starting pitcher Aoyagi scored a league-top 13th win with one goal in six innings, and Hanshin moved up to third place alongside the Giants.

Yakult was held down to one point by Miyamoto's solo home run.

DeNA 8-3 Chunichi DeNA wins with 5 points in the 8th inning

▽ Win Pitcher Irie has 5 wins and 1 loss.

▽ Loss Pitcher Shimizu has 3 wins, 3 losses and 1 save.

▽ Home run

 DeNA Miyazaki player No. 16, Soto player No. 16.

 Chunichi / Viciedo player No. 14.

DeNA caught up with back-to-back solo home runs by Miyazaki and Soto in the 4th inning, 1-3, and scored 5 points in the 8th inning with 2-point timely hits by Kuwabara and Maki to decide the game.

The third pitcher, Irie, scored his fifth win.

In Chunichi, the sixth pitcher, Shimizu, who pitched in the 8th inning, collapsed.