In the chats everything is saved.

Paula Badosa

has used the conversation with a fan to show how volatile the support professional tennis players receive is.

In two screenshots, he has published the

radical change

of a follower who a few months ago supported him with messages such as: "It was clear to me from the beginning, that you were going to be the champion and you will also be number 1 in the world."

Some time later, the same fan stated: "You won't be long in being number 1. Enormous, Paula."

But, after the drop in the tennis player's performance, this same man comments "

leave tennis, please

" and "retire now".

Badosa has shown the captures in his Instagram stories to teach his followers how radical the change is and the comments they have to put up with when the result of the matches is not the desired one.

"The same person...

What's going on in your head?

", he comments.

The tennis player also thanks those who "always encourage her".

"I will continue on my way and working", she has maintained.

Paula Badosa lost in the round of 16 in


when she was the favorite.

Although, despite the defeat and the demands of her fans, of the

48 games

she has played this season she has won 30. The tennis player is still

third in the WTA ranking.

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