The Japan national football team will face the Ecuador national team in Düsseldorf, Germany, as their final warm-up match before the squad for the World Cup Qatar tournament, which starts in November, is announced.

Ecuador's world ranking is 44th, which is lower than Japan's 24th, but among the members there are players who play in clubs such as the English Premier League, Spain, and Germany. I have qualified for this competition.

In the warm-up match against the United States held on the 23rd, Japan changed the formation that was frequently used in the final Asian qualifiers. 2-3-1”, and Kamata scored the opening goal and won the match 2-0.

(* ▼ "4" is defender ▼ "2" is defensive player ▼ "3" is left side, top bottom, right side ▼ "1" is center forward)

For the match against Ecuador, Manager Moriyasu has the same "4-" as the US match. 2-3-1", but in anticipation of the main tournament, all the starting members will be replaced.

Coach Moriyasu commented on the aim: “In the World Cup match against Germany, we will use more energy than we imagined, even considering the pressure of the first match and the strength of the opponent. ' explained.

In addition, the match against Ecuador will be the last warm-up match before the lineup for the main tournament is announced, so it will be a valuable opportunity for the players to appeal to the 26-man squad.

Takumi Minamino, who didn't have a chance to play in the match against the United States, said, "I want to play with a focus on results in the competitive part." I have to. I want to face the match with a sense of dazzle,” he said enthusiastically.

In order to aim for the best 8 or better in this tournament, Manager Moriyasu thought, "We need the strength of two teams", and the players who were on the reserve in the match against the United States showed their abilities, and the remaining two months Attention will be paid to whether he can show the thickness of the player layer of "two teams" for the actual performance.