Lim Hyo-jun, who became a naturalized Chinese after playing as a Korean short track signboard, was selected for the Chinese national team and will participate in international competitions from next month.

Correspondent Kwon Jong-oh.

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Chinese short track team held a press conference and announced the new national team list. Lim Hyo-jun and Chinese name Lin Xiao-jun were called second after Ren Zi-wei, who won the Beijing Winter Olympics twice.

Hyo-Jun Lim, who has won the first five-star red flag by placing 2nd overall in the recent national selection, will participate in the first World Cup tournament next month.

It is the first time in three years and seven months since Lim Hyo-Jun won four World Championships in March 2019.

[Lim Hyo-jun/Chinese short track national team: I will work really hard so that the Chinese team can win more medals and become a great athlete.]

Hyo-jun Lim, who quickly emerged as an ace after winning a gold medal at the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics, joked during training for the national team in 2019. He took down his junior's pants and was sentenced to a one-year suspension of qualifications, so he became a naturalized Chinese citizen.

Hyo-Jun Lim, who was frustrated from participating in the Beijing Olympics due to IOC regulations, provoked him with a Chinese message telling him to wait for him as the Korean athlete's propaganda continued.

Hyo-jun Lim, who has now become an enemy of Korean players under the name of China's Lin Xiaojun, will also stand in front of Korean fans at the World Championships to be held in Korea in March next year.