Sharjah road paved for all titles "local and Asian"

«Dream Team» .. Where to

Former Barcelona player and currently Sharjah Bosnian Miralem Pjanic.

Photography: Osama Abu Ghanem

"Sharjah, where to", a question that began to arise in the public after the resounding contracts concluded by the Sharjah team, until it became a talk to the international media, led by the famous Spanish newspaper Marca, which described it as "the new dream team in the Middle East."

Sharjah recently attracted three high-caliber players: Barcelona and Villarreal, the Spanish striker Paco Alcacer, who has a long record of accomplishments, as well as the star of the Italian team Roma, Juventus and Barcelona, ​​the Bosnian former Miralem Pjanic, and then included the former Roma defender Kostas Manolas, known as “The Barcelona Conqueror.” » Coming from Olympia Kos.

It is also expected that Sharjah will complete the contract of its foreign players with a great deal as well, which the fans are waiting for, "warmer than coals".

In addition to these deals, the great Romanian coach Olario Kusmin, nicknamed "Caesar", sits in the technical bench of Sharjah Club, after the club succeeded in contracting him in the middle of last season, and he is known for his love for excellence and winning championships and titles. He coached both Al-Ain and Al-Ahly teams.

But the question is, does Sharjah, after these resounding deals, have its ambitions limited only to competing for local titles, especially the UAE League Championship, or does it have other plans in the Asian Championship, especially after the large sums of money that the club spent in exchange for attracting these international stars?

Athletes told "Emirates Today" that Sharjah's ambition cannot be limited to the local league, after it now has the tools that make it a strong competitor for the Asian championships.

The former member of the Sharjah Football Company, Badr Ahmed, stressed that Al-Sharqawia's ambition is always great and that these players have been attracted because the club's goal is the Asian championships and changing the image of the king in the current season.

He added, "With the presence of foreign players of this level, I hope that the team will be ambitious and give its best, so the club did not attract these names except for the purpose of Asian competition and not only locally."

He pointed out that the Sharjah Club, since its inception, is a championship team.

The former international player in Sharjah Club and legal advisor Salem Hadid considered that the Emirates football can have a strong league, stressing that there are declared and undeclared goals with the club through contract deals with major international stars, considering that Sharjah will go far in its goals after attracting these names Big players.

For his part, the players' agent, Adel Al-Amri, considered that the club's polarization indicates that there is an administrative thought, and that the club has a clear strategy and plan and has ambitions and goals that have been drawn up with the aim of reaching them within years.

Al Ameri stressed that he is speaking in this regard based on analysis, noting that the Sharjah Club has short-term and long-term goals, stressing that Sharjah is moving at a balanced speed to reach very long goals, considering that Sharjah is currently working to reach the Asian championships not just for participation but for In order to achieve the title of Asian champion, and that this is the project that the management of the Sharjah Club is working on.

"Sharjah has achieved in recent years the league championship and the Super Cup, and it has continued to provide very high-end football," Adel Al-Amiri added.

Adel Al-Amri saw that money is available everywhere, but the difference is that there is an administrative work, such as what is happening in Sharjah Club, which currently leads the professional league with nine points in partnership with Al-Jazira.

The first test of Sharjah's intentions remains latent until October 21, when it meets Al Wahda in the President's Cup final postponed from last season.

Sharjah has finally attracted three high-caliber players.

Sitting in the technical bench of the Sharjah Club is the Romanian coach Olario Kusmin, nicknamed "Caesar". 

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