Li Yingying: Desire to stand on the podium of the World Championships


Li Yingying, the main attacker who got the highest score in the game, said after the game that she hopes to get better and better, play better game by game, and finally stand on the podium, or even the highest podium.

  The Chinese team swept the Argentina team 3:0 that day and got a good start.

Li Yingying scored a game-high 22 points.

  Li Yingying said after the game: "Today we are in good spirits, and our performance on both ends of the offense and defense is quite satisfactory. The rhythm of the first game has not been found too accurately. When I attacked some difficult balls, I played not ideally, and I am still working hard. Adapt and find the best state."

  In response to the long schedule and strong opponents of the World Championships, Li Yingying said that she has made adequate preparations both physically and psychologically.

"Through every game, we will continue to run in, summarize the problems, improve the tacit understanding, and hope that the game will be better than the game, and the whole team will be united to fight each opponent."

  The last time the Chinese women's volleyball team won the World Championship was in 1986.

The Chinese team set off in a low-key manner this time, and 8 members of the team are competing in the World Championships for the first time.

  "I hope we can stand on the podium, even the highest podium. But I can't just shout slogans. From my own perspective, I have to constantly improve myself through hard work, learn from the world's top teams and athletes, and make up for shortcomings. "Li Yingying said, "I hope I can become stronger and stronger and make more and more contributions to the team."

  As the team's main scorer, Li Yingying believes that fans' expectations are both pressure and motivation.

"Everyone has high expectations for me, which is also a spur to me. I also have expectations and requirements for myself, and continue to accumulate confidence and experience through training and competitions." Li Yingying said.

  The Chinese team will face Colombia on the 27th.

Li Yingying said that every game will not be taken lightly and will be prepared to face difficulties.

  "Every opponent in the World Championships is very hard and very tenacious. We should not have too much pressure, play our normal skills and tactics, and use our hard work to attack each opponent. Respecting the opponent means respecting ourselves." Li Yingying said.