China News Service, Beijing, September 25th. The 2022 British Open Snooker Championship will start on the 26th local time. The largest Chinese army team will strive to achieve better results. Among them, Chinese billiards "first brother" Ding Junhui will impact it. The 15th ranking title of his career.

  The 2022 British Open Snooker is the third ranking match this season. Among the top 16 (TOP16) players in the world, except for the "Melbourne Machine" Neil "Melbourne Machine" who is ranked fourth (ranked at the time, the same below). Except for Robertson, the rest of the players signed up.

  A total of 28 players from the Chinese Legion, including 3 Hong Kong players, signed up for the competition, setting a new high for the Chinese Legion to participate in the snooker ranking competition.

In the qualifying round from August 9th to 14th, 22 Chinese players played, 17 including Ding Junhui advanced to the main match, the other 6 (TOP16 players Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao, and the opponents TOP16 players Si Jiahui) , Wu Yize, Browning and Lei Peifan) will participate in the postponed qualifying round.

Therefore, 23 Chinese players will appear during the main match of the British Open.

  It is a pity that among the 6 Chinese players with the title of ranking champion, 3 were eliminated in the qualifying round: Liang Wenbo, who had just returned from the ban due to the "beating of women incident", Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun, and the European Master in February this year. Fan Zhengyi, a "post-00" who won the first ranking championship in his career in the competition.

  There are many things to watch in this British Open, but for Chinese Taiwanese fans, there are two biggest things to watch: First, whether Ding Junhui can get out of the trough, create good results, and even win the 15th ranking championship in his career; The second is what kind of answer sheet will the Chinese Legion with the advantage of the group hand over.

  Ding Junhui, who won the first ranking championship at the age of 18, is a well-deserved leader of Chinese snooker.

But now, the once-honored star has fallen into a long-term downturn.

After winning the 14th ranking championship at the 2019 British Championships, Ding Junhui not only missed the rankings again in the past three years, but also exited early in different competitions many times. Has dropped to 30.

  Participating in the 2022 British Open qualifying match is Ding Junhui's debut this season. He eliminated the British teenager Ryans, who inherited his father's business, 4:2; : 1 Lectra two World Championships runner-up England star Ali Carter.

In these two consecutive victories, Ding Junhui's strength has rebounded and his state is getting better, which makes people look forward to his performance in this British Open.

  Driven by Ding Junhui, the rise of a large number of young players has made the Chinese Army an important force in the world of snooker.

In 2019, Yan Bingtao won the Riga Masters Championship and became the first "post-00" player to win the ranking championship.

From December 2021 to February 2022, Zhao Xintong and Fan Zhengyi won three consecutive ranking championships in less than three months.

  In the first two ranking matches of this season, the Chinese Legion also performed well.

In the opening match (Champions League Ranking Match Edition), 5 members of the Chinese Legion entered the top 8. Although Lu Ning, who entered the final, missed the championship, he still showed the strong overall strength of the Chinese Legion.

In the European Masters, a total of 13 Chinese players advanced to the main competition (3 of them withdrew due to visa reasons). In the end, 7 players entered the top 32, 4 players advanced to the top 16, and 2 players reached the top 8.

  In the 2021 British Open, a total of 24 players from the Chinese Legion will participate, of which Zhou Yuelong and Lu Ning are among the top 8, but both missed the semi-finals.

This time, the Chinese legion, which participated in the largest competition, should be able to take it to a higher level, which is also the common expectation of Chinese Taiwanese fans.

  According to the schedule, 16 postponed qualifying matches will be held on the first day of the 2022 British Open, which will be unveiled on the 26th local time, and 6 Chinese players will play in succession.

Among them, Zhao Xintong (6th), the world's highest ranked Chinese player, will bring a Chinese derby with "post-00" Browning, and "post-02" teenager Si Jiahui will challenge Trudeau, who ranks second in the world. mp.

World No. 15 Yan Bingtao will face "post-90s" Oliver Brown, who upset star Stephen Maguire in this season's European Masters qualifying match.