The Japanese national soccer team held an official practice session for the final warm-up match against Ecuador before the squad was announced for the World Cup Qatar tournament that will start in November. I clarified the idea of ​​replacing everyone.

Japan, ranked 24th in the world, won a warm-up match against the United States, ranked 14th in the world on the 23rd, 2-0, and will face Ecuador, ranked 44th in the world on the 27th.

On the 26th, the day before the last warm-up match before the announcement of the squad for the World Cup Qatar tournament, which will start in November, the players had an official practice at the stadium in Düsseldorf, Germany.

During the first 15 minutes of practice that was open to the press, players such as Takumi MINAMINO and Midori TANAKA, who did not have a chance to play in the match against the United States on the 23rd, made adjustments with bright expressions.

At the official press conference on the day before the match, Coach Moriyasu revealed that all the starting lineups for the match against the United States will be changed in anticipation of the tournament.

Coach Moriyasu commented on the aim: “We will use more energy than we expected in the match against Germany, considering the pressure of the first match of the World Cup and the strength of the opponent. It's difficult to advance beyond the best eight that I'm aiming for."

Takumi Minamino "Important Battle"

Takumi Minamino said, "It will be an important match in the sense that we will be able to raise the level of perfection as a team to see what kind of fight we can do in preparation for the World Cup. As the tournament draws near, it is important to focus on the results, even in terms of competition between players. I always want to be conscious and play," he said.