China News Service, September 26th. On the evening of the 25th, Beijing time, the Chinese women's volleyball team welcomed the first opponent of the first group stage of the 2022 Women's Volleyball World Championships in Arnhem, the Netherlands. The Argentine women's volleyball team.

Although the Chinese women's volleyball team made some adjustments in the starting lineup, they still defeated their opponents in three straight games and achieved a good start to the current women's volleyball world championship.

After the game, coach Cai Bin said that the team played well as a whole, and the young players got exercise.

  The stadium where the women's volleyball world championship was held in Arnhem was temporarily transformed from a football field. The three competition venues were adjacent to each other, and the atmosphere was warm.

For the athletes of the participating teams, it is not only a new experience, but also a test.

The head coach of the Chinese women's volleyball team, Cai Bin, said that the first game of the World Series is often difficult to play. The Chinese women's volleyball team is fully prepared for difficulties before the game, and also requires the athletes to adapt to the rhythm and atmosphere of the game as soon as possible. The central idea is to be highly concentrated.

Cai Bin said that although the performance of the Chinese women's volleyball team was a little tight in this game, the overall performance was good. The players worked very hard, and the young players also got exercise.

  Due to the recurrence of an old ankle injury a few days ago in response to Gong Xiangyu, considering that the current women's volleyball world championship has just started and the schedule is still very long, for the purpose of protecting the athletes, the coaching staff hopes to give Gong Xiangyu more time to rest, so the match against the Argentine women's volleyball team , the Chinese women's volleyball team started by the teenager Wang Yizhu in the supporting position.

Cai Bin said that Wang Yizhu's conditions are good in all aspects, and she also has her characteristics in technical aspects such as offense and blocking, and hopes to give her more opportunities to exercise.

As a young player who participated in the women's volleyball world championship for the first time, although Wang Yizhu's performance was still a little nervous, his overall performance is worthy of recognition.

  On the main line of attack, Li Yingying's opponent Wang Yunliu's performance that day was also recognized by Cai Bin.

Cai Bin said that the main attacking players, including Wang Yunguang, Jin Ye, and Wang Yizhu, all want to support the Chinese women's volleyball team's main attacking corner position. They have worked very hard in the previous preparations and training, and have made different progress in all aspects.

Cai Bin said that this also reflects the importance of training. Only through solid training and a certain ability will athletes become more confident after playing.

  Veteran Wang Mengjie debuted on the same day as the starting free agent.

Cai Bin said that although Wang Mengjie was absent from the Chinese Women's Volleyball Super League last season, Wang Mengjie worked very hard during the training camp for the national women's volleyball team.

In the previous World Women's Volleyball League, several other freelancers of the Chinese women's volleyball team have been inspected and exercised, but relatively speaking, Wang Mengjie will have more experience in international competitions.

  In the next group match, the Chinese women's volleyball team will face Colombia.