Miho Takagi, who won four medals in speed skating at the Beijing Olympics, has released her practice and is enthusiastic about the domestic opening match of this season next month, saying, "I feel like I can go as far as I can. I want to do my best." talked.

Speed ​​skater Takagi won four medals, including a gold medal, at the Beijing Olympics in February this year.

After the Olympics, he announced that he would leave the national team of the Japan Skating Federation and work as an individual, and he welcomed Mr. Johan de Witt, who had been coached by the national team, as his own coach for the new season. We have been preparing for

On the 24th, they showed the press a bicycle training session at Sugadaira Kogen in Nagano Prefecture, where they are holding a training camp.

In the unsettled weather with light rain and poor visibility, I worked up a sweat with Coach De Witt, completing 9 laps of the 6km course in about 2 hours.

Takagi held a press conference after the practice, and commented on the training he had been doing in the new environment, saying, "I feel inconvenient because the team is not well organized, but it's because I'm doing it alone. There are discoveries, and I find it interesting because there are many stimuli every day.

Takagi plans to compete in four events, the women's 500m, the women's 1000m, the women's 1500m, and the women's 3000m, at the season's opening round in Nagano next month, the All Japan Distance Championships. This will be my first competition, so I have a strong feeling of how far I can go. I want to do my best.”