Most notably, the appearance of “Al-Abyad” with a distinguished performance, the experience of young elements, and the implementation of the new game plan

6 technical gains for the national team from “Paraguay friendly” despite the loss

  • Abdullah Ramadan leads an attack for the national team towards Paraguay's goal.

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  • The coach of the national team, Aruabarina.

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  • The star of the first national football team, Ali Mabkhout, reached his 103rd international match in the “white” shirt, when he participated in the friendly match that the national team played against Paraguay the day before yesterday.

    Despite losing 1-0, "Al-Abyad" achieved many technical gains, waiting for a friendly match against Venezuela next Tuesday at the end of the team's camp in Austria.



The national football team played, the day before yesterday, an important international friendly match against its counterpart Paraguay, which ended with the victory of the latter with a goal without a response, during the current foreign camp of "Al-Abyad" in Austria, as part of its preparations for the upcoming foreign participations, as "Al-Abyad" withstood until the minute 85 When Paraguay scored with Fabian Balbuena's header, the only goal at a time when the match was heading to a goalless draw, had it not been for the defensive lapse and the absence of coverage during a corner kick.

Despite the loss, the Emirati “Al-Abyad” achieved many technical gains from this match, especially as he played against a large team that includes an elite group of international stars. , who was unable to reach the “Al-Abyad” net only in the last five minutes of the match, in addition to the coach’s standing on the players’ readiness, through the experience of 16 players throughout the two halves, including six players who participated as substitutes in the second half, and the application of the new method of play 4- 1-4-1 with Mabkhout as an outright attacker and behind him is Caio Canedo, Harballah, Majed Rashid and Abdullah Ramadan, while Ali Salmin was present in front of the quadruple defense line consisting of: Khalifa Al Hammadi, Muhammad Al Attas, Khaled Al Dhanhani and Abdul Aziz Haikal, and the opportunity for the largest number of young faces and emerging elements To be in the starting lineup, with the exception of four players from the long-experienced elements:Abdulaziz Heikal, Cayo Canedo, Mabkhout and goalkeeper Khaled Issa, as well as the brilliance of goalkeeper Khaled Issa, who succeeded in blocking many dangerous opportunities for the Paraguay team.

Tomorrow, the national team will play another friendly match against Venezuela at the end of the Austria camp.

For his part, the former Olympic team coach and technical analyst, Ali Ibrahim, described the general technical level of the team in the match as good, and the young elements represented the prominent feature of the team in the match, with the exception of some experienced players, such as the brilliant Khaled Issa, and Mabkhout, who is one of the most prominent strikers. In the country, he pointed out that the most prominent feature of the team in this match was the easy and enjoyable style of play, which coach Arruabarina focused on, considering that one or two touches were the dominant feature of the team's performance, in addition to the fact that the transfer of the ball was done with ease.

Ali Ibrahim told "Emirates Today": "In my estimation, the team's performance in this match bodes well, as goalkeeper Khaled Issa, Ali Mabkhout, Caio and Majed Rashid starred in this match, in addition to the fact that the line of defense was good, except for some moments when his focus was reduced and he was It contains some small details, especially the moment of receiving the winning goal for Paraguay, adding that "the team needs to focus on corner kicks and crosses, given that even at the league level there is weakness in this aspect."

Ibrahim stressed that “the coach, Arruabarina, started since the Australia match in applying a certain thought,” considering that “such matches are useful in implanting the coach’s ideas with the players and implementing them is what is important,” noting that “all the players on the field know their role on the field, so the team was After the first quarter of an hour passes, he passes the ball smoothly, except for some mistakes in the defense line in the first half, but with periods of training and camps, the team will appear better.” 

Al-Abyad meets Venezuela at the end of the Austria camp next Tuesday.

The 6 الفنية Technical Gain

1- The national team’s appearance with a distinguished collective performance, despite the fact that the match is the first for it since the match against Australia.

2- Aruabarina's assessment of the players' physical and technical readiness.

3- The experience of 16 players over the two halves of the match.

4- Giving the opportunity to a large number of young players in the starting lineup.

5- The coach applied the new 4-1-4-1 playing method with Mabkhout as an outspoken attacker.

6- The brilliance of goalkeeper Khaled Issa, who succeeded in blocking many dangerous opportunities for Paraguay.

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