This newspaper, Beijing, September 22 (Reporter Li Shuo) The second trial of the Chinese Weightlifting Team World Championships was recently held at the Training Bureau of the General Administration of Sports of the People's Republic of China. 13 women's teams and 10 men's teams participated in the competition, which fully tested the recent training results.

Tokyo Olympic champion Li Fabin and post-00s teenager Liao Guifang set a world record in the competition.

  The women's team competed in 5 Olympic levels of 49kg, 59kg, 71kg, 81kg and over 81kg. Jiang Huihua, Luo Shifang, Liao Guifang, Wang Zhouyu and Li Wenwen ranked first.

Among them, Liao Guifang succeeded in snatching 118kg, surpassing the world record in women's 71kg snatch.

  The men's team competed in 3 Olympic-level competitions as well as non-Olympic competitions in the 81kg category.

Li Fabin, Yuan Chengfei and Liu Huanhua won the first place in the Olympic-level 61kg, 73kg and 89kg competitions respectively.

In the 61kg competition, Li Fabin succeeded in all 5 attempts, surpassing his own world record for snatch by 1kg with a snatch of 146kg, and his total score of 318kg also equaled his own world record.

  It is reported that the national weightlifting team will combine the results of the two trials and the usual training performance to determine the list of players participating in the World Championships in the near future.

The 2022 World Weightlifting Championships, also a qualifying event for the 2024 Paris Olympics, will be held in Colombia in December.