It was at the beginning of March that the International Ski Federation, Fis, chose to follow the IOC's line and ban Russian and Belarusian skiers from participating in the final competitions of the World Cup.

Now it looks like they will get the chance to join again.

- It will take weeks or months.

But the idea of ​​opening the door to Russia and Belarus is starting to appear.

We are not talking about holding competitions in Russia, but about participation in Fi's competitions and in the World Cup, says Fi's general secretary Michel Vion, according to Bild.

That it would be ready already for the premiere is not reasonable to believe, but before the turn of the year they should be able to be back on the starting line.

- FIS will obviously not make this decision without a clear recommendation from the IOC.

In other words, we stand united in that sport must be united.

Fis is waiting for clear recommendations from the IOC, says Vion.