The Swedish Golf Association (SGF) has chosen not to renew the collaboration with Henrik Stenson due to his involvement in the Saudi-backed LIV tour.

Now Henrik Stenson gives his view on the decision:

"We thank SGF (Swedish Golf Association) for the cooperation and wish them all the best in the future and regret that my great commitment and financial support through the Henrik Stenson Foundation is no longer desirable," writes Henrik Stenson in a comment to SVT Sport.

SGF believes that gambling in the LIV tour is not compatible with the association's core values ​​and therefore chose not to renew the collaboration for next year.

Stenson has previously been an ambassador for the golf association's paragolf and he has also had a junior competition together with Fanny Sunesson.

The union's decision will not stop Stenson from continuing to get involved:

"Of course, the association's decision will not affect our work to develop junior and paragolf in Sweden and we look forward to inviting you to the Stenson Sunesson Junior Challenge and Henrik Stenson Paragolf Challenge this summer."