Men's sprinter Su Bingtian——

  For the improvement of 0.01 seconds, pay 100% of the effort (the strugglers are young)

  On May 19, Beijing time, the International Olympic Committee officially announced that the Chinese men's 4×100m relay team won the bronze medal in the Tokyo Olympics.

As the main player of the Chinese team, the famous sprinter Su Bingtian finally won a precious medal in his third Olympic trip.

He delivered a "winning speech" through a video: This Olympic medal belongs to all Chinese sprinters!

  From breaking into the 10-second mark for the first time in 2015, he ran 9.83 in the men's 100-meter semi-final at the Tokyo Olympics and entered the final.

On the road of pursuing excellence, 33-year-old Su Bingtian has never stopped moving forward.

Whether it is a Chinese "flying man" on the 100-meter track, or a physical education teacher teaching running skills on campus, he is running hard on different "tracks".

  It's not all smooth sailing, but he always gets stronger and stronger

  On the morning of July 16, Beijing time, the men's 100-meter preliminaries of the Oregon World Athletics Championships kicked off, and Su Bingtian set foot on the World Championships for the sixth time.

At the IAAF Diamond League U.S. Eugene Station 7 years ago, it was on the same venue that he ran 9.99 seconds, becoming the first Chinese men's 100-meter runner to break the 10-second mark.

  After breaking the 10-second mark, Su Bingtian ran 9.91 seconds in 2018, tying the Asian record for the men's 100m.

At the Tokyo Olympics, he significantly improved the Asian record to 9.83 and became the first Asian player to reach the Olympic men's 100m final.

While making many breakthroughs for China's track and field, he also frequently brought surprises in competitions: at the 2015 World Championships, he and his teammates won the runner-up in the men's 4x100m relay; at the 2018 Asian Games, he defeated various masters , won the precious men's 100m gold medal for the Chinese sports delegation.

  Honor is not the whole of Su Bingtian's career. He has become more and more brave in difficulties, writing another aspect of his sports life.

Injuries occurred from time to time, including several serious major injuries, but each time he was able to recover from setbacks and return to the top.

It was not all smooth sailing on the field. In the men's 100-meter semi-final of the 2013 World Championships in Moscow, Su Bingtian was sent off for running away, which caused him to have a psychological shadow over the starting gun.

But Su Bingtian did not flinch, but faced the difficulties and finally tempered the starting to his own advantage.

  "One day I walked to the sports field alone, stood in front of the track, and asked myself if I really couldn't run anymore?" After a serious injury in 2019, Su Bingtian once thought about giving up, "I will soon have the answer in my heart, I still If he can run, as long as he overcomes the injury, he can still fly!" The fighting spirit of going forward has always provided motivation for his sports career.

  Has an almost demanding pursuit of technical details

  At the Oregon World Championships, Su Bingtian entered the semifinals of the men's 100-meter event for the fifth time in a row.

For sprinters, every 0.01 second increase in performance requires 100% effort. Su Bingtian has an almost demanding pursuit of technical details.

  The small tape measure that Su Bingtian carries with him is no longer a "secret weapon".

Whether in pre-match training or during the competition, he will take out a small tape measure and carefully measure it, carefully looking for the best position to place the starting block.

After years of summarizing experience, studying and researching, Su Bingtian has continuously "crafted" his running skills to improve training efficiency and performance on the field.

  In April this year, Su Bingtian wrote an article "Scientific Training Makes Me Breakthrough" in the People's Daily, introducing his "secret" to breaking the Asian record at the Tokyo Olympics.

"Through study and research, I found that in order to improve my performance, I must solve my previous problems such as insufficient hamstring strength and ankle joint strength, slow active landing speed and force release rate, and unreasonable starting posture, so I put the starting foot Changed from left foot to right foot. This is a very important decision for the athlete, and finally allowed me to achieve a breakthrough and achieve success.” Su Bingtian wrote, “In addition, the optimization of ankle press, arm swing technique, etc. , which is also gradually formed by me through continuous learning and summarization.”

  "The high-quality development of China's competitive sports is inseparable from the key kinetic energy of scientific training." Su Bingtian said.

In addition to sweating on the training ground, constantly researching topics and improving the knowledge and theoretical level of scientific training is also an important part of his usual training preparations.

In recent years, Su Bingtian has published several papers in academic journals in addition to his training.

He continued to study technology in his study and training, which helped him maintain an excellent level of competition for many years, and continuously created excellent results for Chinese track and field.

  Share experiences and experiences to help more young people

  In addition to being an athlete on the Chinese national track and field team, Su Bingtian is currently a teacher at the School of Physical Education of Jinan University.

On the field, he inspired Chinese athletes to overcome obstacles and climb the peak; on campus, he devoted himself to preaching and teaching, trying his best to pass on his skills and knowledge to more people.

  "When touching the ground, pull your feet up and down, so maybe 0.01 seconds can be saved..." After the 14th National Games last year, Su Bingtian, who had finished his one-year competition assignment, returned to the campus and said: A unique running sharing class.

From the flexibility exercises of the whole body movement system to the special coordination training of running, Su Bingtian was meticulous and taught everything to the enthusiastic students.

  At the end of 2021, the Su Bingtian Speed ​​Research and Training Center was inaugurated at Jinan University, focusing on the cutting-edge technology of track and field training.

On the eve of Teacher's Day this year, Su Bingtian donated 1 million yuan to Jinan University to cultivate high-level athletes.

It is his goal to contribute to the construction of a strong sports country, "I will continue to explore my possibilities on the track, and I will try my best to use my life experience and field experience to help more students and let them receive advanced sprint training. ."

  Can you still bring surprises on your own "main field" - the track and field track?

At least he never gave up trying.

"I didn't leave the runway because I saw the possibility of continuing to break through. Although it is very difficult, I will continue to persevere." Su Bingtian said.

  Looking forward to the future, Su Bingtian said that in the relay field of next year's Hangzhou Asian Games, he hopes to work hard with his teammates and strive for good results.

  The pace of struggle never stops.

  Our reporter Liu Shuoyang