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The national team duo Hwang Ui-jo and Hwang In-beom's team, Greek professional football Olympiacos, made an official statement after a Korean fan who visited the stadium was assaulted.

Olympiacos posted a statement on the club's social networking service (SNS) in Greek, English, and Korean, saying, "We condemn all forms of violence that occur under the pretext of soccer, which should bring joy to our lives."

A Korean fan, known as a YouTuber, said at the Karaiskakis Stadium in Piraeus, Greece, where Olympiacos and Freiburg (Germany)'s 2022-2023 season UEFA Europa League group G Group G 2nd leg match was held. I was assaulted.

A group of hooligans assaulted him and took his belongings from him when he visited the stadium to watch the 'Korean Derby' between Hwang Ui-Jo and Hwang In-beom (Freiburg).

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The scene spread through YouTube and social media.

Afterwards, the fan reported the damage through his YouTube channel, saying, "They took their cell phone, not their wallet."

Olympiacos took a strong stance, saying, "There is no room for those who instigate acts of violence and damage our club in the media around the world."

“The Korean fan who was attacked from a distance from our stadium is a registered member of our club, and Olympiacos will give him a season ticket to watch a match at the Georgios Karaiskakis Stadium whenever he wants.” added.

'Gate 7 International', which delivers the news of Olympiacos, also insisted that "perpetrators should be banned from entering the stadium forever. We should respond with zero tolerance to violence."

Hwang Ui-jo shared the club's name on social media and Hwang In-beom shared a post on 'Gate 7 International' to join the fight against violence.

(Photo=@LeonardRyu, Olympiacos Instagram capture, Yonhap News)