• Alexis Sanchez, landed this summer in Marseille from Inter Milan, will play his first minutes at home, in a packed Velodrome stadium, this Saturday evening (9 p.m.).

  • He is the last major player of the "Dorada" generation, winners of the Copa América in 2015 and 2016 to play in Europe, and is therefore very followed in Chile.

  • His arrival in Marseille will make OM “the most followed European club in Chile”.

Alexis Sanchez will discover his new home, and thousands of Chileans their new favorite club.

The Olympique de Marseille star rookie should play for the first time at home this Saturday against FC Nantes (9 p.m.) in a packed Vélodrome stadium as 65,000 spectators are expected.

Beyond the madness that his arrival caused in Marseille, "unheard of, even for Bielsa in 2015", according to the supporter Titi, always present to welcome new recruits, Alexis Sanchez is above all giving a place to Olympique de Marseille in the hearts of Chileans.

El Nino Maravilla (the child prodigy) remains the player of the "Dorada" generation, winners of the Copa América in 2015 and 2016 and the most popular in Chile.

It is not for nothing that there were two special correspondents to cover his arrival in Marseille, including Maks Cadenas, a journalist for ESPN Chile and based in Barcelona.

"Now that Arturo Vidal has gone to Flamengo, Alexis Sanchez is the last Chilean player of this generation in Europe.

It is the biggest name from Chile to be in Europe.

And Alexis has always been the star for children and Chileans because he is a very calm person, he has no extra-sporting setbacks, so everyone loves Alexis Sanchez, ”contextualizes the journalist.

Chileans recognize themselves more in OM than PSG

The Chilean supporters of OM's new number 70, however, did not see this signing with a very good eye when the first rumors emerged.

“They wanted to follow him in one of the three major championships like Sevilla in La Liga, or a return to the Premier League.

But when he signed, they started to see the good side of things, that it was the first team in the history of French football, the most followed team in France, that there is Milik, Guendouzi.

They started to find out more and were thrilled”, explains the man who was also conquered by the city, discovering it when Sanchez arrived.

Robin, co-founder of the OM Fan Club de Santiago, experienced this change of opinion from the Chilean capital.

"People said to themselves 'he's going to France, but not to Paris. It sucks.' And in the end they realized the warm and popular side of Marseille, it corresponds well to the Chilean mentality.

With fervent supporters, who don't like cheating or wasted millions of euros.

So the Chileans realized that they recognized themselves more in OM than in PSG ”, confides this supporter of OM.

"Funny to see OM every day on TV"

Robin is already beginning to see the effects of Alexis Sanchez's arrival in Marseille from the OM Fan Club HQ in Santiago, where they meet in their early twenties to watch OM matches.

“His signature has passed on all the channels, on all the platforms.

It was funny to see OM every day on TV.

For his first match against Brest, there were twice as many of us as usual, Chileans came to watch the match with us.

And some told us that they wanted to go to Marseille, ”confides the one who takes pleasure in debating with these new supporters.

So much so that OM should become the most followed European club in Chile, thanks to Alexis Sanchez.

“Now everyone will follow Olympique de Marseille and get to know the city, the stadium, the history of the club, the players.

I'm sure they have already gained thousands of followers from Chile on social media.

Everyone will love Olympique de Marseille in Chile, that's for sure,” says Maks Cardenas.

A little thanks to him, too, since he plans to cover "50% to 75%" of OM matches this season, and in particular those of the Champions League.

What make him hesitate to come and settle in Marseille, too.


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