Regarding the participation of Shohei Otani of the Angels in the WBC = World Baseball Classic, the General Manager of Minassian of the Angels said on the 19th, "I will not stop him if he wants," and indicated his intention to accept the participation. .

In July, Ohtani revealed that he wanted to participate in the WBC, which will be held in March next year, saying, "Of course I want to participate, and if I am selected, I would like to play."

Regarding Ohtani's participation in the WBC, Angels general manager Minassian said on the 19th, "If he wants it, we will not stop it," and for the first time he indicated his intention to allow him to participate.

If he is injured in the tournament in March, the impact on the season that will start immediately after will be great, but GM Minassian said, "He's obviously a special player. If so, I want to support it," and showed a positive idea about competing in dual wielding.

Otani was out of the national team before the tournament due to an ankle injury in 2017, and will be participating in the WBC for the first time if he participates in next year's tournament.

In next year's WBC, Angels' main gun Trout, who has won the season MVP = best player three times, has already announced that he will participate as the captain of the American national team, as well as Phillies Harper and Cardinals. The participation announcement of the top players of the major leagues such as Arenado is one after another.