Seiya Suzuki of the Major League Baseball Cubs played the full match against the Brewers, hitting two bases in a timely manner and contributing to the team's four consecutive wins.

On the 19th, Suzuki started in the match against the Brewers in his hometown of Chicago for the first time in two games with No. 4 and right. I hit a timely two base that hits directly.

Suzuki also returned home with the following timely three-base, and the Cubs scored 3 points in this inning to reverse the game.

Suzuki threw a short ground ball in the 2nd at bat of 3 times, a missed strikeout in the 3rd at bat of 5th inning, and a dead ball in the 4th at bat of 7th inning. It turned out to be 2 cents.

The Cubs went 8-7 to extend their winning streak to four.

Red Sox pitcher Takuichi Sawamura was the second relief pitcher in the 4th inning, 2 outs and 1st base, leading 4 to 8 in the match against the Orioles in Baltimore, the home of the opponent.

The first batter put a sweet curveball into the left center and suddenly hit a two-run home run. replaced by

Sawamura pitched one-third of an inning and gave up one run.

The game was a 37-hit game for both teams, and the Red Sox lost 10-15.