Yesterday, Emilia Nilsson Garip, 19, took bronze in the ladies' synchronized three-meter freestyle together with Elna Widerström.

Today she had a chance for a medal in the individual dito.

She started with a cannon jump that gave a whopping 67.50 points and led after the first round, but in the second there was a real overshoot.

- That is a huge mistake by one of the jumpers aiming for a medal, said the commentator in the organizer's broadcast.

Then she continued to jump well, but could not make up for the mistake completely.

Nilsson Garip finished sixth in the final.

The victory went to home jumper Chiara Pellacani ahead of Switzerland's Michelle Heimberg and Britain's Yasmin Harper.

Nilsson Garip was 52.50 points from victory, but only 30 points from bronze.