Pitcher Aki Sasaki of professional baseball Lotte suffered from 5 goals in the 6th inning against Rakuten in Sendai on the 19th, but the team won 6 to 5 and won his 7th win since June. .

Pitcher Sasaki did not win the last time he won his sixth win on June 22, partly due to the effects of a crushed right blister.

On the 19th, he started the match against Rakuten at Rakuten Seimei Park Miyagi, losing 4 points, including Eigoro Motegi's No. 6 Touran in the 4th inning and No. 20 solo by Hideto Asamura in the 5th inning. I was.

However, the batting line returned one run in the sixth inning with a score of 2-4, and catcher Torao Matsukawa hit a timely two-base hit that wiped out the runners with a chance to get the bases loaded, turning the game around to 6-4.

Pitcher Sasaki, who also went up to the mound, lost 1 home run, threw 6 innings, gave 5 hits, including 3 home runs, and gave up 5 runs. It was his 7th victory since then.