Crashes, technical problems and a car that is described by all Hyundai drivers as very difficult to drive.

Oliver Solberg has had brighter years in motorsport than 2022.

Hoping for a turnaround in 2023

Last time in Finland, he got only 300 meters before he overturned and was forced to break.

Afterwards he went home to Värmland, jumped on the quad and sat down and drove many miles at full speed on the dirt roads.

The Värmlander hopes that Finland was the absolute bottom of the season - but is still realistic when he looks ahead.

- We have to turn the page and start focusing on next year.

We have to make changes and I think it will, I hope so, he says.

In the video, Oliver Solberg tells more about his thoughts after the crash in Finland, the plan for the race in Belgium and the future with Hyundai.