Duplantis stepped into qualifying at 5.65 – 15 centimeters from the qualifying mark.

If no more than twelve people could finish, that height was enough, and so it was.

But the Swede started with an unexpected demolition.

- Unfortunately, the rod is a bit too soft, he should change.

He has made a misjudgment from how it looked on the jump-in, says SVT's expert Alhaji Jeng.

There were several who ripped unexpectedly early in the qualifier, but when the Swede stepped out onto the track for the second time, he flew over the bar.

- Great jump, still too soft rod.

But you don't want to misbehave in the qualifiers, especially not when you're Armand Duplantis.

Twelve jumpers got over 5.65, which meant that further jumping was not required.

The final is on Saturday starting at 20.05.