The fate of Shim Jun-seok from Deoksu High School, the best high-speed ball pitcher in high school baseball, who was a major interest in baseball, has been decided.

He chose the American stage challenge instead of domestic professional baseball.

Jun-seok Shim did not submit the application until midnight yesterday (16th), the deadline to apply for the KBO Rookie Draft.

In a phone call with SBS, Shim Jun-seok's side said, "I have finally chosen to challenge the American stage," and "I will challenge the major league stage, which was his lifelong goal."

Shim Jun-seok, who caught the attention of the baseball world at home and abroad with his fast ball in the mid-150km/h since his freshman year at Deoksu High School, has suffered from instability in the aftermath of a back injury since last year.

Hanwha, who has the first pick in the draft next September, as Shim Jun-seok does not appear in the draft, is certain to choose Seoul High School ace Kim Seo-hyun pitcher.