The EC long jump final was highly dramatic.

After six rounds, three jumpers had been noted for the same result – 8.06.

Britain's Jacob Fincham-Dukes took the silver ahead of Thobias Montler thanks to a better second result.

Everyone believed.

A while later, Sweden submitted a protest - which went through.

- Friends from home sent videos of Fincham-Duke's first jump, 8.06, it's pretty clear that it's overstepped.

Right must be right, said Montler's coach Yannick Tregaro to SVT Sport.

Was relegated to fifth place

Montler suddenly got silver and Jules Pommery, France, became the bronze medalist.

Fincham Duke's best result was instead 7.97, which was enough for fifth place.

On Wednesday morning, he wrote an emotional post on Twitter.

“Nothing can really be said about last night, I was the European Championship silver medalist but unfortunately due to a protest I was relegated to fifth.

What hurts the most is to enjoy a lap of honor, to really feel the moment, and then to be deprived of that joy.”

"Didn't go my way"

The UK federation filed a counter-protest.

- We are of course very disappointed because Jacobs would because the jump was given the green light from the beginning.

If it had been judged as overstepping, it would have changed the conditions for the entire competition, says team leader Paula Dunn, to the association's website.

Fincham-Dukes is grateful for the association's support.

"They did everything they could, but it just didn't go my way," he notes, adding that he now has even more motivation for next season.

"I have no doubt that I will be on a podium soon."

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Sweden submits protest against suspected trampling Photo: Bildbyrån/SVT