Yoshitomo Tsutsugo, who has signed a free contract with the Pirates of the major leagues, has signed a minor contract with the Blue Jays, who are aiming to advance to the playoffs.

This was revealed by Tsutsugo's agent on the 15th.

Tsutsugo signed a one-year contract with the Pirates this season, his third year in the major leagues, and played 50 games. It was a free contract.

Tsutsugo has signed a minor contract with the Blue Jays and is expected to play in a match with the affiliated 3A team on the 16th, aiming to be promoted from the minor leagues to the major leagues again.

Blue Jays acting manager John Schneider said, ``I've seen him play for the last few years. rice field.

The Blue Jays are currently in second place in the American League East and are leading the playoff wild card race for teams with a winning percentage.