Tennis player Naomi Osaka suffered a straight loss to a Chinese player in a tour tournament that was a prelude to the US Open, the four major tournaments, and was eliminated in the first match.

Osaka, who is ranked 39th in the world in women's singles, complained of pain in her lower back at a tour tournament held in Canada a week ago and withdrew in the middle of the first round. As a preliminary match for the US Open, he participated in the tour tournament held in Cincinnati, USA, and played against China's Zhang Shuai in the first round on the 16th in the world's 44th place.

In the first set, Osaka made noticeable mistakes from the start and was broken in her first service game. rice field.

She struggled in the second set with a break in the third game, but showed tenacity with a powerful shot in the tenth game, her first successful break of the match. .

However, in the next eleventh game she made a flurry of mistakes, allowing a painful break to drop 5-7 and lose 0-2 in straight sets.

Osaka was eliminated in the first round of her U.S. Open preliminaries as she seeks her third win in two years.