[Explanation] In recent years, water leisure sports have become a new highlight of marine tourism and personalized consumption, and the market demand among young customers has continued to rise.

At present, nearly 50 waterfront cities across the country have launched sailing sports.

Dozens of small sailboats are heading into the wind on the sea of ​​the "Blue Coast" in Beidaihe New District, Qinhuangdao.

Qinhuangdao has a coastline of 162.7 kilometers. There is no severe heat in summer and no severe cold in winter. The temperature is suitable and the wind is stable. It is suitable for sailing activities for more than 7 months of the year. It provides sailing enthusiasts with an ideal venue for sailing experience, training and competition. It is a popular water leisure sports destination for sailing enthusiasts in the Tianjin-Hebei region.

  [Concurrent] Sailing enthusiast Wang Aohan

  I especially like water, I especially like the feeling of being in the water.

I started learning sailing when I was 8 years old, and I think sailing is especially fun because sailing can push the sides.

  [Explanation] From the first 6 small sailboats, to the current number of more than 160 boats, more than 50 professional coaches, and more than 1,000 campers every year, Beidaihe Azure Coast Base has now become the largest youth sailboat in northern China. Education camp.

  [Concurrent] Duan Yabin, Manager of Beidaihe Base of Beijing Navigation Center

  The ratio of our coaches is also 1:6. Each coach of our coaches is only responsible for 6 children, teaching them how to go to the sea to sail a sailboat, and the ratio of our boats is that one coach watches three boats and a lifeboat. We now have a lot of lifeboats on the beach, and every instructor will have one.

  [Explanation] Since the Asian Games in 1990, Qinhuangdao has been carrying out various professional sailing and windsurfing sports for a long time, and has many excellent professional teams.

The annual summer training of the national team, including the preparation of various provincial teams for the National Games and competitions at all levels across the country, has brought together professional forces in Qinhuangdao.

  [Concurrent] Sailing enthusiast Wu Guanchen

  Sailing enthusiasts from many surrounding areas will come here to study, and you can also meet many like-minded people here. When learning sailing alone in the face of wind and waves at sea, you can sharpen your will, and even more when you encounter difficulties in life. firm.

  [Explanation] The rise of water sports such as sailing has stimulated a tourism boom.

Recently, Qinhuangdao Sailing Season and Youth Sailing Summer Camp opened.

Sailing training is an important industrial part of Qinhuangdao's integration of sports and tourism, and the campers come from China, the United States, Germany, New Zealand and other countries.

  [Concurrent] Sailing enthusiast Kang Yuhan

  I read the story of Olympic champion Xu Lijia in a book, and I admired it very much, and then I also wanted to come to study. I will definitely continue to study in the future.

Because there is not a child in this base recently, and he is going to participate in the Olympic Games, and then my ambition is the same, and I really want to go to the highest international arena to show my skills.

  Reported by Xing Lu, Xiao Guangming, Zhang Xi, and Qinhuangdao, Hebei

Responsible editor: [Sun Jingbo]