China News Service, Beijing, August 15th. On the 15th, the official website of the Chinese Volleyball Association announced that the 2022 Women's Volleyball Asian Cup Chinese team lineup has been determined.

This year's Women's Volleyball Asian Cup will be held in the Philippines from August 21 to 29. The Chinese team will face South Korea in the first group match.

  The roster of the 14 players on the expedition is as follows:

  Main attack: No. 4 Wang Yifan (captain), No. 6 Zhuang Yushan, No. 13 Zhuang Xinru, No. 23 Wu Mengjie;

  Secondary attack: No. 9 Zhang Hong Ziyan, No. 16 Hu Mingyuan, No. 19 Wang Wenhan, No. 22 Cao Tingting;

  Second biography: Sun Haiping on the 14th, Xu Xiaoting on the 17th;

  Correspondence: Li Xuemeng No. 1, Zhou Yetong No. 21;

  Freeman: No. 11 Wu Xinyu, No. 15 Xu Jianan.

  Since its inception in 2008, the Women's Volleyball Asian Cup has successfully held 6 tournaments, and the Chinese team has won 5 golds and 1 silver.

Due to the suspension of the 2020 tournament, the 2018 champions China will participate in the 2022 Asian Cup as the defending champion.

  A total of 10 teams participated in this Asian Cup. The first stage of the group stage was divided into two groups A and B to start a single round robin. The Chinese team and the host Philippines, South Korea, Iran and Vietnam are in Group A, and Group B includes Japan, Thailand and Kazakhstan. Stan, Chinese Taipei, Australia.

In the second stage, the quarter-finals, semi-finals and finals will be contested.

  According to the schedule of the group stage, at 13:00 on August 21, the Chinese team will face the South Korean team; at 13:00 on August 22, the Chinese team will play against the Vietnamese team; at 19:00 on August 23, the Chinese team will face the host Philippines team; On August 24, the Chinese team had a bye; at 13:00 on August 25, the Chinese team faced the Iranian team.