Snooker British Open Qualification Day 4: All 3 players advanced to the main match with 14 Chinese legions

  China News Agency, Beijing, August 13th. On the fourth day of the 2022 British Open Snooker Qualifying Tournament, the three Chinese players who played again won all of them.

So far, in the first four days of this qualifying match, among the 15 Chinese players who have appeared, 14 people, including Ding Junhui, have advanced to the main match.

  In the early morning of the 13th Beijing time, the 2022 British Open Snooker Qualifying Tournament ended on the fourth day. The three Chinese players who played on that day were: Zhang Jiankang, a 24-year-old Sichuan player, and Zhou Yuelong, who is ranked third in China in the world. And Hong Kong veteran Li Junwei.

  Zhang Jiankang's opponent is the "Queen of Snooker", the English star Renee Evans who has won the women's snooker world championship more than 10 times.

On the third day of the qualifying tournament, Hong Kong female player Wu Anyi once beat the 1997 world champion Dahdi, becoming the first female player to defeat the men's world champion in snooker.

But Evans was not so lucky. She lost to Zhang Jiankang 0:4.

Zhou Yuelong pulled 4 games in a row after losing a game first, and defeated Kendrick with a big score of 4:1.

  Hong Kong player Li Junwei's road to promotion is the most thrilling and exciting.

He staged a Jedi counterattack under the adversity of being 0:2 and 1:3 behind, and finally won 3 consecutive games and defeated Barry Pinches with a big score of 4:3.

So far, in the first 4 days of this qualifying match, 14 of the 15 Chinese players, including Ding Junhui, have successfully advanced. Only the veteran Liang Wenbo, who has just come back from the ban, lost 2:4 on the third day of the qualifying match. Scottish teenager Dean Young, unfortunately out.

  On the fifth day of this qualifying tournament, four more Chinese players played.

Among them, Hong Kong star Fu Jiajun will play against 32-year-old Guangdong player Cao Yupeng. This is also the only "China Derby" during this qualifying match.

"Post-00" teenager Fan Zhengyi will face Welsh player Jamie Clark.

In the European Masters final earlier this year, Fan Zhengyi beat "Rocket" O'Sullivan to win his first ranking championship in his career.

In addition, another "post-00" teenager Peng Yisong will also make his debut.

  The 2022 British Open qualifying round will be held from August 9 to 14 local time. All 128 participating players will have a round of qualifying matches, and the winner will enter the main match.

A total of 28 people from the Chinese Legion participated in this competition, creating a new high in the number of participants in the ranking competition.

  According to the schedule, the top 16 players in the world will play qualifying matches during the main season (September 26 to October 2).

Zhao Xintong and Yan Bingtao are ranked 6th and 15th in the world respectively. The opponents of Si Jiahui, Wu Yize, Browning and Lei Peifan are all top 16 players in the world, so the qualifying matches for these 6 players will be during the main match. conduct.