On the ninth day of the summer national high school baseball tournament, three games will be played in the second round.

1st match

The first match is between Yokohama High School in Kanagawa and Seiko Gakuin in Fukushima.

In Yokohama, in the first round, Ren Ogata, who is the No. 1 second-year player, hit the first timely hit, and ace Haruki Sugiyama pitched a complete game with 6 hits and 2 runs. Attention to the activities of the 2th grade.

On the other hand, in the first round, Seiko Gakuin held down the hard-hitting Nihon University third high batting lineup to two runs with the succession of starting pitcher Gosuke Kobayashi and ace pitcher Mirai Sayama.

Multiple pitchers with a wide variety of variations such as left-handed and underhanded throws are also expected.

2nd match

The second match will be between Nishogakusha University High School in East Tokyo and Sha High School in Hyogo.

In the first round of Nishogakusha University, No. 1 Oyafuso Nagito hit his third hit in the 9th inning and won the goodbye.

The key will be whether we can demonstrate our tenacity in the second round.

In the first round, one company played against the prefectural Gifu commerce, which had significantly changed the registered members due to the outbreak of the new coronavirus, and took 13 hits and 10 points to win the summer Koshien for the first time.

The pitchers are also strong, such as No. 10 pitcher Shu Hotta, who pitched the first game without a single run, and ace pitcher Rinpei Shibamoto.

3rd game

The third match will be between Osaka Toin High School and Seibo Gakuen in Saitama, aiming for their third consecutive spring/summer championship.

In the first round, Osaka Toin scored 12 hits, including 2 home runs, and won the come-from-behind victory.

On the other hand, Seibou Gakuen also had 16 hits in the first round and scored 8 points.

Both teams have strong batting lineups, so it seems that the performance of each pitcher will determine the outcome.