NBA, CBA, are not as good as our "village BA"

Hundreds of millions of people watched the village basketball game online. The players, referees, and spectators were all local villagers.

  In terms of the level of basketball competition, the NBA is the highest in the world, and our country is the CBA; but in terms of the popularity of this summer, they are all inferior to the "village BA".

  "Village BA" is a nickname given by netizens to the basketball league held in Taipan Village, Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province.

The audience of a village basketball game exceeded 10,000 people, and a wave of high traffic was "swept" on the Internet. Even the famous star Marbury posted on Weibo that he wanted to feel the atmosphere of the "Village BA".

  The "Village BA" arena is an open-air venue. No tickets are charged for the game. Most of the players, referees and spectators are local villagers, but the atmosphere is comparable to a professional basketball game.

This kind of competition is located in the countryside, the venue is simple, and there are no stars. Why is it so attractive?

Why does a village hold a basketball game?

What kind of "chain reaction" will happen when the village basketball game is "hot"?

With these questions, the reporter tried to unlock the mystery of the "Village BA" in Taipan Village.

  Reporter Li Jing Zhang Qi

audience of nearly 20,000

  On the evening of August 9th, a new round of competition was ushered in the basketball court in Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province. Taijiang County specially invited Shunde District of Foshan City to organize a men's and women's basketball team to carry out a "Village BA" trip in China - - Foshan and Guizhou Cooperation Basketball Exchange Tournament.

  Previously, the "June Six Eat New Festival" basketball game organized by Taipan Village, Taijiang County, Guizhou Province, was attended by 176 teams, with an audience of nearly 20,000, which was popular on the Internet.

After the explosion of "Village BA", the village ushered in the 4-day semi-finals of the Guizhou Province "Beautiful Countryside" Basketball League Qiandongnan Division.

  "Village BA" is really hot.

  Taipan Village is a small village. The basketball court is right in front of the village committee, covering an area of ​​700 to 800 square meters.

There was an old stadium in the village, which was cement.

In 2016, this basketball court was newly built in the village.

At that time, the basketball court had only four stands, and later one stand was built up to the top of the slope.

  On weekdays, Taipan Village is very quiet.

When the "June 6th Eating New Festival" held a basketball game, even people from other places came.

The restaurants and hotels in Taipan Village are full every day, and the restaurant business has doubled several times.

  During the day, some villagers look at the water in the rice fields, some villagers water vegetables in the yard, and some villagers go to work.

At five or six o'clock in the afternoon, they put down their farm tools, put down their purses, had dinner, and rushed over to watch the game with the elderly and children.

  Grandpa Long, who is in his 60s, came from the county seat at 11 am and sat in the stands waiting for the basketball game to start at 5 pm.

The village staff wanted the old man to go to the village committee to cool down for a while. The old man said, "I have an umbrella and water. I want to take a good place for my friends and children here."

  The steps in the front row were full, the spectators in the back row sat on the horses, and stood in the back. People who came late bought all the ladders in the village, and people watched the game through the gaps that could be squeezed out.

Those who didn't have time to eat would bring their meals with them and sit on the maza while eating and waiting.

When the game started, there were waves of "basketball chasers" in the stands.

farmer basketball player

  From July 30 to August 2, the basketball court in Taipan Village ushered in the "Beautiful Countryside" basketball league in Guizhou Province.

This is a veritable amateur event.

The rules of the game, the qualification review of players, and the atmosphere of the arena are all organized by the local people.

There are 1 city and 15 counties under the jurisdiction of Qiandongnan Miao and Dong Autonomous Prefecture. Each city and county will send a team. The 16 teams will be divided into four groups by lottery.

There are 27 games in four days, no home and away games, but professional referees.

Like the CBA, a single game is also 4 quarters.

  Team members must meet two conditions at the same time: over 22 years old, with a local rural hukou.

  Most of the basketball players are farmers.

Age, occupation and ability are not the criteria by which "Village BAs" judge players' qualifications, they only care about basketball.

  For Cen Jianglong, playing basketball has a "native joy".

Cen Jianglong is a farmer in Taipan Village, but when he puts on his uniform, he is also a basketball player in the village.

He has liked playing basketball since he was a child, and playing basketball has almost formed a "muscle memory".

Now that the busy farming season has passed, Cen Jianglong has more time to train.

Teammates are busy with work during the day and usually meet for training in the evening, often training until late at night.

  Yang Xiong is in his 30s and works in Fujian, but every year when the basketball game arrives, he takes leave to return to his hometown.

He always felt that this was the most intimate connection between himself and the village every year.

Basketball has always grown up with them, and even if they were scattered all over the place, basketball has become a special memory for them.

  Young people in the village formed several teams.

They won and continued to fight, and when they lost, they cheered.

It is hard to imagine that in such an ordinary village, there are 6 villagers holding basketball referee certificates.

  Some netizens left a message: What you wear is life, and what you hold on your hands is a dream.

  On the court, most of them can't dunk, and they rarely make amazing moves, but this does not affect their enthusiasm for participating.

Because of love, practice makes perfect.

And like physical confrontation, is the consistent style of local play.

The physical confrontation on the field is very fierce, even if the team draws a big score, everyone is not annoyed.

Once someone on the court can dunk, the audience will respond with the most enthusiastic cheers.

Even across the screen, the audience can feel the atmosphere of the scene, and be excited and moved by it.

  Outside the stands, many children patted basketball next to them, and it was the scenery outside the stadium.

Organize the competition with the power of the whole village

  The elderly in the village recalled that the history of basketball games held in Taipan Village has been seven or eighty years old, and it has been passed down to the present.

  Every year on the sixth day of the sixth month of the lunar calendar, the local traditional festival Eating New Festival is held to celebrate the bumper harvest of rice.

During festivals, young Miao people who go out will return to the village, where the villagers sing, dance, play reeds and fight bulls together.

However, compared with traditional customs, young people are more inclined to basketball, and thus began to hold basketball games.

Due to the large number of registered teams, the game is often played until the next morning, and the audience on the stage is still full, thus forming a "daylight culture".

  "Everyone loves playing basketball." As for the reason for the love of playing basketball, Zhang Shoushuang, secretary of the party branch of Taipan Village, said, "In the past, there were no entertainment activities in the village, but basketball games were played. If you play football, there is no venue. You can play table tennis or something. Boys feel that there is a lack of confrontation. So almost everyone in the village can play basketball. Everyone started playing basketball when they were five or six years old, and then passed it down from generation to generation.”

  And a basketball game can be done, almost the whole village.

  The village used to organize basketball games. This year, in order to facilitate management, the village established the Taipan Village Basketball Association.

Cen Jiangnong, president of the Taipan Village Basketball Association, said that young people in the entire village are helping the association, with fifty or sixty people.

  Over the years, we have had considerable experience in organizing basketball games.

Ten days before the game, the youth of the Basketball Association got into action.

There is a clear division of labor in the association. Some people are responsible for connecting with the registered teams, some people are responsible for purchasing sports equipment, some people are responsible for refereeing, some people are responsible for on-site commentary, some people are responsible for scoring, and some people are responsible for maintaining order.

They all became the protagonists of the game.

  "Every year the basketball game is very exciting, so young people are looking forward to it and want to organize the game well." Cen Jiangnong said.

  In addition to the human input, hosting a basketball game requires money.

Cen Jiangnong said, "This year, the cost is nearly 190,000 yuan. These are donated by the villagers and sponsored by outsiders. In addition, the booth fee will also be used for the expenses of the basketball game."

  The prizes after the competition, the "painting style" is more "chic", which is another interesting part of the "Village BA" - the first prize of a yellow ox in Huangping, the second prize of a pair of fragrant sheep in Rongjiang Tashi, the third prize The two Congjiang Xiaoxiang pigs were awarded with local characteristic agricultural products.

Zhang Shoushuang said: "The prizes are more down-to-earth, and they are all donated by big farmers."

The chain reaction after leaving the circle

  Until now, the villagers of Taipan Village have not been able to explain why it suddenly caught fire.

They were all "surprised and surprised".

  Cen Jiangnong didn't expect this basketball game to cause such high popularity on the Internet.

Because in his memory, in fact, every year before the basketball game was so hot.

  "Village BA" is on fire, bringing many development opportunities to the village.

Zhang Shoushuang, secretary of the village party branch, planned: "I hope to take this as an opportunity to run a basketball game well, and also to cooperate with surrounding villages and towns to develop some tourism industries and so on."

  "Village BA" is no longer just a village basketball game, but also set off a wave of grassroots sports across the country.

Professor Zhou Jiandong from the School of Physical Education of Shandong Normal University analyzed the reasons for its popularity: "First of all, the village culture and sports culture have been well integrated, and combined with the popular form of the common people. Second, many basketball players in Guizhou have gone to the people. Go to the grassroots level. Besides, there are not so many restrictions on the rules, as long as you play, as long as you are happy, as long as you can play. Therefore, there are many lessons to be learned from grassroots promotion.”

  Zhou Jiandong said: "The emergence of 'Village BA' in the circle cannot be simply defined as the Internet celebrity effect. It has many factors. To run grass-roots sports well, in addition to having a good cultural atmosphere and competition experience, the government attaches great importance to it, but also the common people. Participation. 'Village BA' has become popular, and from the perspective of ordinary people, the enthusiasm for participation is still very important."

  This "village BA" that broke the circle, I don't know how long the popularity will last, but many people fell in love with basketball because of it.