Regarding Hamada High School in Shimane and Teikyo Daigo High School in Ehime, which were judged to be infected with the new coronavirus before the opening of the national high school baseball in the summer, Takano Ren = Japan High School Baseball Federation, etc. will be held on the 13th, the eighth day of the tournament, as planned. , announced that it will face the first match.

In this summer's national high school baseball, four schools that were judged to be infected with a group infection based on the results of the PCR test before the tournament, etc., took an unusual measure to set the first match on the 8th day of the tournament, considering the period until recovery. was taken

On the 12th, out of the four schools, Takanoren and others will be in Hamada and Teikyo No. 5 within 72 hours before the game based on the revised infection control guidelines so that the players do not lose the opportunity to play at Koshien Stadium. He announced that he would not replace the registered members as he was able to confirm that all of them were negative, and that he would face the first match on the 13th as planned.

With this, all four schools, including Arita Kogyo in Saga and Kyushu Gakuin in Kumamoto, which were judged to have an outbreak and were scheduled to play on the eighth day of the tournament, will play as scheduled.

On the 13th, the first match will be between Arita Kogyo and Hamada, and the second match will be between Kyushu Gakuin and Teikyo Daigo.