Major League Baseball Angels Shohei Otani's next starting pitching will be against the Mariners on the 15th, Japan time on the 16th.

This was announced by acting manager Nevin of the Angels before the game on the 10th.

In the previous day's match against the Athletics, Otani pitched well in the 6th inning and hit a home run to score his 10th win of the season. did.

In the third inning, Ohtani was hit by a pitcher-backed ball with his left foot, but acting manager Nevin said, "He's fine." He announced that he will pitch in the first game of the three consecutive games with the Mariners in five days.

On the other hand, regarding the booing from the stadium when he was sent as a pinch hitter in the 8th at-bat and was replaced, he said, "I think it's natural because many people come to see Shohei. He hits almost every day. I'm participating, but I need rest like everyone else," he said with a laugh.

This is the second time for Ohtani to start the game against the Mariners this season, and on June 16th, he was a winning pitcher with a good pitch that allowed no runs in the sixth inning.