On the 6th day of the summer national high school baseball tournament, 4 games will be played in the second round.

1st Match Sendai Ikuei (Miyagi) vs. Tottori Sho (Tottori)

The first match will be between Sendai Ikuei High School in Miyagi and Tottori Commercial.

Sendai Ikuei recorded 24 stolen bases in 5 games in local tournaments, and is known for his mobile offense.

No. 4 Yo Saito has a batting average of over 40% and marked the team's top seven stolen bases.

The pitching staff was stable, centering on Tsubasa Furukawa, the left-handed ace pitcher, and gave up a total of 5 runs in regional tournaments.

At Tottori Commercial, ace pitcher Sho Iwasaki and catcher Emi Maeda have formed a battery in the same team since junior high school.

We will aim for our first win at Koshien in the last summer with a play that matches our breath.

2nd Match Takamatsusho (Kagawa) vs. Saku Chosei (Nagano)

The second match will be between Takamatsu Commercial from Kagawa and Saku Chosei High School from Nagano.

Takamatsu commercial captain Shogo Asano is a strong hitter who is attracting attention in this tournament with a batting average of 50%, 7 minutes and 1 in local tournaments and a total of 64 home runs in high school. I'm here.

The strong batting lineup led by Asano averaged 10 points per game in regional tournaments.

Chosei Saku won the local tournament from unseeded.

In 7 games, he recorded 27 sacrifice hits such as a bunt, and the scoring pattern is to return home with a single shot centered on Kensei Terao, who is the captain and No. is.

3rd match: Meitoku Gijuku (Kochi) vs. Kyushu International University (Fukuoka)

In the third match, Kochi's Meitoku Gijuku High School will face Fukuoka's Kyushu International University High School.

At Meitoku Gijuku, ace pitcher Yusei Yoshimura is the center of the team, and the ball is characterized by a small change in the hand of the batter who throws it from the left side hand irregular form.

Last year, in the summer Koshien, I suffered a goodbye loss and am expecting revenge.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus within the team, Kyushu International University will play the match with two players replaced from the original roster.

The batting line centered on Kyoshiro Sakura, a second-year slugger who hit three home runs at the local tournament, was powerful, and entered the best eight in this year's Senbatsu.

Fourth match Shimonoseki International (Yamaguchi) vs. Tomishima (Miyazaki)

The fourth match will be between Shimonoseki International High School in Yamaguchi and Tomishima High School in Miyazaki.

At Shimonoseki International, all three pitchers, including Shin Nakai, have a straight-line fastest of over 140km.

Many of the players have a lot of experience, such as participating in last year's senbatsu.

Tomishima's ace pitcher, Atsumi Hidaka, is known for his fastball speed of 148km/h.