In Munich, the European Championships are a major event with numerous sports.

Thousands of athletes will compete for medals and provide entertainment for days.

What viewers need to know ahead of this Thursday's launch:

What are the European Championships?

The European Championships are a major sporting event in which nine sports hold their European Championships at the same time.

Viewers can watch the continental championships in beach volleyball, canoe racing, rock climbing, athletics, cycling, rowing, table tennis, triathlon and gymnastics.

When and where do the European Championships take place?

The competitions will take place in Munich from August 11th to 21st.

The Olympic Stadium is the stage for the athletics competitions.

BMX and mountain bike competitions are held in the Olympic Park – triathlons also take place there.

Climbing and beach volleyball championships are held at Munich's Königsplatz.

Munich city center is the venue for the European Championships in walking, marathon and road cycling.

Track cycling will take place in the Munich Exhibition Center and the Table Tennis Championships in the Rudi-Sedlmayer Hall.

Rowing and canoeing competitions are held at the Olympic regatta facility.

Why are the European Championships held in Munich?

In Munich, the games should be particularly sustainable.

Many competitions take place in old Olympic venues from 1972.

Exactly 50 years after the Olympic Games in Munich, various sports are once again finding their home in the Bavarian state capital, even if only for a short period of time.

How many athletes are competing?

More than 4700 athletes will be there in Munich.

A total of 177 gold medals will be awarded.

Which German stars will be there?

Timo Boll, the most successful German table tennis player in history, will play for the European Championship title.

His rival Dimitrij Ovtcharov, two-time Olympic medalist, is also there.

Oliver Zeidler competes in rowing.

The German Athletics Association is worried about the start of Malaika Mihambo.

It is still questionable whether the Olympic champion, world champion and defending champion in the long jump will be fit enough after a corona infection.

Steeplechase runner Gesa Krause will definitely be missing.

The two-time European champion has to pass for health reasons.

Why are the sports all played together?

By merging various sports, more spectators should be generated and fringe sports should gain visibility.

A TV transmission can also be guaranteed in this way.

Are the competitions the preliminary stage for a new German Olympic application?

The European Championships, also at the old Olympic site in Munich, inevitably bring back memories.

The major event could "help to strengthen acceptance and approval for the Olympics in our country," said Thomas Weikert, President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation, the German Press Agency.

Efforts to organize the 2022 Winter Games with Munich and the 2024 Summer Games with Hamburg failed in public opinion polls.

Where can I watch the competitions on TV?

The European Championships are broadcast by ARD and ZDF.

There is also streaming in the respective media libraries.

What do the tickets cost?

Some sports, such as triathlon, BMX freestyle and road cycling, are free for spectators.

With a top price of 130 euros, the tickets for the European Athletics Championships are the most expensive.