On May 19, IFK Göteborg announced that they are ending the collaboration with Tobias Sana.

An incident at halftime against Kalmar was the triggering factor, Blåvitt claimed.

In July, Sana told SVT Sport how he saw the situation.

- There was a conversation and I raised my hand and said "their right-back looks like (Lionel) Messi on the pitch, he gets a lot of time and I have to chase him all the time.

I look bad in my pressing game, we have to find a solution".

I think the coach (Mikael Stahre) got annoyed.

My will was that we would get better.

When he said "focus!"

loudly, I stood up and answered "I'm focused" and went towards him.

When we left the dressing room he said "focus on the game now", then we high-fived him, he said.

Now the 33-year-old Sana has signed for league leader BK Häcken.

- It's fun to come to a team that is at the top and that is interested in signing one.

I am very happy to be here, in such an environment, he says.

Sana has signed a contract over a year and a half.

- It is a good signing that fits our profile.

The expectation is that Tobias will be able to come in immediately and contribute on and off the pitch, says sporting director Martin Ericsson.