Colin Abgrall, edited by Gauthier Delomez 6:05 p.m., August 09, 2022

Tuesday evening, AS Monaco moves on the lawn of PSV Eindhoven to hope to qualify for the Champions League.

This is the return match of the third preliminary round, a week after the draw conceded to Louis-II.

However, a possible premature elimination does not seem to worry the Monegasque coach, Philippe Clément.

AS Monaco is playing its survival in the Champions League this Tuesday evening.

Coach Philippe Clément's team travels to PSV Eindhoven for the second leg of the third preliminary round, after a first leg that ended in a draw at the Louis-II stadium (1-1).

The objective is to qualify for the play-offs of the biggest European competition.

The Monegasques have been warned: this Tuesday, we must not repeat the mistakes of last year, where they stopped at the play-off stage.

“We are very determined to qualify”

The Monegasque coach is cautious before the return match, and already prefers to play down a possible elimination.

"I always think of the positive scenario", he says, "but if it's not the case, it doesn't change anything because there are still a lot of matches in the championship", explains the coach who arrived on the bench last January.

"A European Cup is also very interesting," he adds, "but naturally we are very determined to qualify. It's a game, a final. We can be the best for 90 minutes and have the misfortune not to qualify", concludes the coach, referring to the misadventure of ASM last year.


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Despite everything, certain elements play in favor of the Rock club.

Last season in the Europa League, the Monegasques came to win on the lawn of PSV Eindhoven.

And if there is qualification this Tuesday evening, they will meet either the Scots of Glasgow Rangers or the Belgians of Union Saint-Gilloise, and why not give France a third representative in the Champions League alongside Olympique from Marseille and Paris Saint-Germain.